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The aim of this project is to save thousands of students all around the world the time spent looking for papers everywhere. is a not-primarily-for-profit project by GCE graduates. We believe that students, just like us, spend too much time looking for study resources rather than actually studying.

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We are a team of three; two of us are freshmen engineering students and the other is still stuck in his A Levels. We are running the project at our own cost, want to say thank you? Buy us a cup of coffee and make an $5 donation!

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We spent hundreds of hours working on this project, collecting papers, coding and designing the website. We are looking to grow the team and make a bigger projects which would help the students everywhere to have a good and easy time studying.

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All papers and content on this website are copyrighted to their respectful owners. We do not host any documents on our own servers, we only direct the browser to grab the document from another website with copyrights to publish the papers. We made it so because we find that their are valuable information you will be benifited to know about the paper, the grade boundaries or the time calculator for example.